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How a computer interprets instructions

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How does a computer understand (interpret and execute) a high level programming language?



What’s the difference between a high-level computer language and a low-level language? How does a computer interpret these languages, so the program can run?  What is computer programming?

How does a computer understand a computer program  http://guyhaas.com/bfoit/itp/Programming.html

BBC Bitesize Revision: Running a program, the CPU, etc. (a 5 page step-by-step resource)  http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/guides/z2342hv/revision/1

How do you communicate with computers? Through a programming language.  Source code and language differences: Learntocodewith.me

Break down how code gets translated from the code programmers write, to the code computers read, the difference between compiled and interpreted code, and what makes “just-in-time” compilers so fast and efficient.  The Basics of Compiled Languages, Interpreted Languages, and Just-in-Time Compilers

How do computers understand programming languages? How do you “teach” a computer a language?  Explanation by Christian Benesch, software engineer and architect (among other explanations) here

How does a computer understand a computer program?  Codeconquest.com How does coding work?

What is a program? What is a programming language? Depending on the language used, and the particular implementation of the language used, the process to translate high-level language statements to actions may involve compilation and interpretation.  Introduction to Programming (Wikiversity)

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