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Hit the ground running: Coding lessons from Code.Org

We’re using Blockly, a visual coding language.



What are “conditionals”?  “On One Condition” If-then-else conditional flowchart lesson

Course 2. Stage 3: Angry Birds coding the path through the maze.

Course 2, Stage 6: Maze Loops

Course 2, Stage 7. Artist loops

Course 2, Stage 8. Bee Loops.

Course 2, Stage 10. Bee Debugging.

Course 2, Stage 11. Artist debugging.

Course 2, Stage 13. Bee Conditionals.

Course 2, Stage 16. Flappy Birds

Code.org Stage 19 Artist – nested loops

Code.Org: Course 4 Intro to programming

Course 4: Stage 6, Artist variables

Course 4, Stage 7 : Play Lab variables

Course 4, Stage 9. Bee “For” loops, and counters

Course 4, Stage 10. Artist. “For” Loops.

Course 4. Stage 11. Play Lab “For” loops

Course 4. Stage 12. Artist Functions
Homework: Write a paragraph explaining how loops work, how WHILE loops work,
and how DO…WHILE loops work.

Tutorialspoint: Loops and Chapter 8: Loops. Introduction to Programming

Course 4. Stage 14. Artist with parameters

Course 4. Stage 16. Bees – Functions with parameters
Homework: What is a “Hello, World!” program?

Excelwithbusiness.com: Say “Hello, world!”.
How would  we tell a computer to write “Hello, World!” in Blockly?

PCAdvisor How to code-with-google-blockly

Course 4, Stage 19: variables super challenge
Homework :Go to TutorialsPoint (link below) Choose “programming environment”.
(1) What’s the purpose of a text editor?
(2) What’s the purpose of a compiler?
(3) What’s the purpose of  an interpreter?
Tutorialspoint.com lessons

Course 4. Stage 20. For Loops Super Challenge: Can you get Skrat to his acorn using as few blocks as possible?

Course 4. Stage 21. Super Challenge – Functions and Parameters

Course 4. Stage 2. EXTREME CHALLENGE. No rules. No clues. Just the challenge!

Hour of code programs



Code.Org: Course 2 Intro to programming

Accelerated Intro to Computer Science: Code.Org

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