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Coding 5/8/17

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Choose 2 of the following coding assignments to complete. Show me your completed code before the end of class today. Must be completed-in-class for credit.

Frozen!   Big Hero 6!   Moana!   Disney Infinity!   Spritebox   Pong with AI

Advanced: Make Your Own 3D Frogger game!

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Text Compression
Grades 9+ | Language independent
At some point we reach a physical limit of how fast we can send bits, and if we want to send a large amount of information faster, we have to find a way to represent the same information with fewer bits – we must compress the data. In this lesson, students will use the Text Compression Widget to compress segments of English text by looking for patterns and substituting symbols for larger patterns of text.

Text compression widget (introduction)

Code your own sports game







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