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MCAS Open Response: sample questions with full solutions

MCAS questions

Which of the following forces allow a battery-powered motor to generate mechanical energy? (2014)
A. magnetic and static             B. electric and magnetic
C. static and gravitational    D. electric and gravitational


Which of the following statements describes an electric generator? (2013)
A. A magnet is rotated through a coil of wire to produce an electric current.
B. Electric potential in a rotating coil of wire creates a permanent magnet.
C. An electrical current causes a coil of wire to rotate in a magnetic field.
D. Forces from a permanent magnet allow a coil of wire to rotate.


2012 magnet wire question MCAS


This next one is from 2010

2010 MCAS galvanometer magnetic


Which of the following would cause the galvanometer needle to move?

A. wrapping additional wire around the tube
B. uncoiling the wire wrapped around the tube
C. moving a magnet back and forth inside the tube
D. moving an aluminum block up and down inside the tube


This next one is from 2009

Precise measuring instruments require shock absorbers to eliminate small vibrations that can affect the results of an experiment. One type of shock absorber that can be used is an electromagnet that repels a magnetic platform placed above it. Which of the following setups would provide the greatest lift to the platform?

2009 MCAS magnetic platform

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