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From a Navy munitions bunker to a school

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A new school is coming to Admiral Hill, steeped in the history of the city and sea. Founded in 1999, Seaport Academy understands that not all students learn the same way. Because learning issues can undermine confidence and a student’s willingness to engage with others, many students have missed out on important academic and social experiences. Seaport Academy was founded to give Boston area students an alternative path to success.


You won’t find many traditional classrooms at Seaport Academy – our students take advantage of the rich history of Charlestown, Boston and Chelsea, Massachusetts. We use Boston Harbor as part of the learning environment. We offer a collaborative, project-based, highly individualized approach to education that helps students meet their goals.

In our hands-on program, Seaport students weave together academic classes with exploration of the seafront, build bikes and chairs, experiment with aquaculture, learning fishing and boating, water chemistry experiments – and basketball. Hands-on, our experiential programs lets students rediscover what it means to enjoy learning, and to grow personally and academically.

Seaport Academy classroom. Photo by Richard Howard

Seaport Academy classroom. Photo by Richard Howard

By aligning our curriculum to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and setting clear and ambitious expectations, we give students the best opportunity to graduate, gain confidence and skills and advance successfully to college or careers.

This year, in 2017, Seaport Academy classrooms are moving to the Naval Hospital Boston Historic District, part of the National Register of Historic Places.

The school will be moving into the historic large ordnance building, built in 1830. At one time it held the USS Constitution’s munitions magazine. Since this is a historic building, it is being carefully adapted to house 21st century classrooms while fully protecting the historic structure.  Let’s take a look!

Here’s the outside of Chelsea Naval Magazine, Building #2.

Historic site turned into school

Here we see remodeling of the interior.


Transforming the space into a classroom.


More progress

Seaport Academy renovation

Seaport Academy renovation

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