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Autism, Asperger’s, Neurotypical issues

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Autism, Asperger’s, Neurotypical issues

Is a ‘Spectrum’ the Best Way to Talk About Autism?

A genetic link between autism and prodigy? By Renee Morad

We are learning the causes of autism. There is no epidemic or mystery.

Understanding Neurotypicals: How people with Asperger’s may see non-Aspie people

Geekiness and autism: Is there a connection? CNN editorial.

The growing acceptance of autism in the workplace


Scientific articles: External links

Autism-shares-brain-signature-with-schizophrenia-and-bipolar-disorder. Scientific American

How much Aspergers is really face or emotion blindness?

What Genius and Autism Have in Common. Time magazine.

Autism increase mystery solved? No, it’s not vaccines, GMOs, glyphosate—or organic foods

Claims of links between autism and probiotics

New findings on probiotics and autism: What you need to know. Autism Speaks.

Can probiotics benefit children with autism spectrum disorders? World Journal Gastroenterology


Opinion pieces and personal reflections

The problem with Sheldon Cooper and Cute Autism

Autism isn’t cute

Understanding neurotypicality: A famous essay explaining how people with Asperger’s see the rest of the world.

Doctors Said My Son with Autism Wouldn’t Talk, But He Just Led His Own Bar Mitzvah Service

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