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Pancreas has two major jobs: Digestion, and hormonal control of blood sugar levels

I. Releases pancreatic juice


  • released into the duodenum (first part of the small intestine)

  • is alkaline (the opposite of acid).
This neutralizes the acid that had been created by your stomach.

  • contains lipases – enzymes which break down fats

  • contains proteases – enzymes which break down proteins

  • contains amylases – enzymes which break down carbohydrates


II. Pancreas’s endocrine cells release hormones

Hormones regulate your blood sugar levels.

When [blood sugar] too high -> pancreas releases insulin

causes muscle and fat cells to take in more sugar, so this decreases [blood sugar]

promotes glycolysis – conversion of sugar into ATP, also decreases [blood sugar]

makes liver store glucose as glycogen

glycogen glucose

When [blood sugar] too low -> pancreas releases glucagon

tells liver to break down glycogen into glucose, so this increases  [blood sugar]

stops cells taking in more sugar, so this increases [blood sugar]

STOPS glycolysis, so sugar isn’t turned into ATP, so this increases [blood sugar]


Liver pancreas homeostasis GIF

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