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Zombie based geography

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I want to share these ideas with other educators and with students.


Zombie-Based Learning (ZBL) is the brainchild of David Hunter, former teacher from the Bellevue Big Picture school, in a suburb of Seattle, Washington.  It uses Project-Based Learning to encourage active engagement, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Student Zombie Map

Student photo made available from Zombie-Based Learning (ZBL),

When the zombies attack, where should we run, where regroup, and where rebuild our lives? Those questions, key to survival, can focus student attention on a highly motivating and dangerously overlooked fact: Geography skills can save you from the zombie apocalypse!

Use students’ natural desire to survive zombie assaults to motivate study of a complete curriculum based on the 2012 National Geography Standards, and then to apply those skills in a series of scenarios based on surviving when the attacks come to your own neighborhood.



Making History is Project-Based Learning curriculum created by award-winning teacher David Hunter, designed for standards-based classrooms. Launched on Kickstarter, it’s nine units with projects for middle school students. Teach cross-content or by individual subject, with a time travel backstory to drive students’ interest and engagement. The narrative follows a group of entrepreneurial and altruistic students who go back in time, and work together to invent or discover critical breakthroughs BEFORE they occur in our true historical timeline.



Zombies worksheet

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