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Viewing space from Earth

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How to get into backyard astronomy


EWS A quick and dirty guide to backyard astronomy. PCWorld

How to get started in amateur astronomy. Instructables

Astronomy for beginners

the best places to place a telescope


light pollution

How light pollution makes it difficult for us to see objects in space nowadays.

what do the planets look like from Earth?

These are the relative sizes of the planets in our solar system, compared to the size of the moon. Note that this only shows their relative size, not their location! They are never lined up like this.

milwaukee public museum Size of planets compared to moon

Relative size of planets compared to the moon. From Milwaukee Public Museum, Soref Dome Theater & Planetarium.

what do comets and asteroids look like from Earth?

What are asteroids? What do they look like in space, and from here on Earth?

What are comets? What do they look like up close, and from here on Earth?

what do stars look like from Earth?


What are stars?

the largest objects in the night sky

Look up at the night sky – Are there immensely huge things that are just a bit too faint for the human eye to see? You betcha! Check out this amazing composite photo. This shows the actual apparent size of deep space objects, in our night sky, if they were brighter.


Actual size of deep space objects if they were brighter labeled

The images are in scale with one another, including the Moon, but not to the Milky Way background.
1. The Moon.
2. Andromeda Galaxy.
3. Triangulum Galaxy.
4. Orion Nebula.
5. Lagoon Nebula.
6. Pinwheel Galaxy.
7. Sculptor Galaxy.
8. Supernova remnant 1006.
9. Veil Nebula.
10. Helix Nebula.
11. Sombrero Galaxy.
12. Crab Nebula.
13. Comet Hale-Bopp (c. 1997)
14. Venus.
15. Jupiter.
16. International Space Station.

Learning Standards

Learning standards for astronomy


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