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Founded in 1999, Seaport Academy understands that not all students learn the same way. Because learning issues can undermine confidence and a student’s willingness to engage with others, many students have missed out on important academic and social experiences. Seaport Academy was founded to give Boston area students an alternative path to success.


Seaport Academy: Official website

From a Navy munitions bunker to a school

Institute: The Science and History of the Sea

Teachable moments in Boston Harbor

Teaching about concept mapping

Student building an origami membrane protein

Teaching protein translation with manipulatives

Student makes free-body diagram showing the forces on people in Karate.

Modeling DNA with Legos

Entering Seaport, you pass by a binnacle – what was it used for?

Genetics in Seaport Academy

Seaport Academy explores with microscopes

Physics of the Olympics

Charlestown view of Boston

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