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Stars Different types


What do stars look like in the nighttime sky? The Bortle Scale: Demonstrating how light pollution adversely affects our view of the night sky. How many stars are visible on a cloudness night in these environments: inner city, urban-suburban transition, suburban, rural, typical dark-sky site, excellent dark-sky site



A stunning size comparison of the planets in our solar system, our sun, and other stars.

An ultra high definition picture of our star, Sol, in 13 different wavelengths.

ultra high-definition imagery of the Sun in 13 different wavelengths

The relative sizes of the Earth, a neutron star and a quark star.

Relative sizes Grand Canyon neutron star quark star

Is a neutron star a giant atom?
In some ways, sure – it is a solid sphere of nucleons, like a large atom. But in a very important way it isn’t an atom. The nucleus of an atom is held together by the strong nuclear force. In contrast, a neutron star is held together by gravity.


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