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A biome is a large area on Earth defined by

(a) average temperature, over the course of a year
(b) average rainfall, over the course of a year
(c) the types of animals and plants living there.

Tropical Rainforest (interior Brazil)

Biology, Miller and Levine, Chap 4, Pearson.

Biology, Miller and Levine, Chap 4, Pearson.

Temperate Rainforest (southern coast of Alaska)

So have you been to the temperate rainforest in Alaska?
A rainforest in Alaska? Surely you must be joking.
I’m not joking, and stop calling me Shirley
– with apologies to Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker

The Tongass National Forest in southeastern Alaska is the largest national forest in the United States. 17 million acres (69,000 km2). Most of its area is part of the temperate rain forest … it is home to many species of endangered and rare flora and fauna. The Tongass, which is managed by the United States Forest Service, encompasses islands of the Alexander Archipelago, fjords and glaciers, and peaks of the Coast Mountains.





Tongass National Forest, Baranof Island, Southeast Alaska panhandle.



Tropical dry forest

Biology, Miller and Levine, Chap 4, Pearson.

Biology, Miller and Levine, Chap 4, Pearson.

Tropical Savanna
Tropical savanna Biome


Desert biome

Temperate grassland

Temperate grassland biome

Temperate woodland and shrubland

Temperate woodland and shrubland biome

Temperate forest (America’s northeast)

Temperate forest Biome New England Northeast

Northwestern coniferous forest

Northwestern coniferous forest Biome Miller Levine

Boreal forest/taiga

Boreal Forest Taiga Biome


Tundra permafrost Biome

Biomes of North and South America (can you find the rainforest in Alaska?)

Chapters from textbooks

Biomes – Holt Environmental Science

Tropical rainforest, Temperate rain forests, Temperate deciduous forests, Taiga (northern coniferous forests)

Savannahs (Grasslands), Chaparral (temperate woodland biome), Desert and Tundra

Freshwater biomes/ecosystems

Marine/Ocean biomes

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