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Lab acids bases pH scale

Lab acids bases pH scale

In this lab we will gain an understanding of:

* basic differences between the properties of acids and bases

* learn the role of hydrogen and hydroxide ions in acids and bases

* comprehend the nature of the pH scale with regards to acid and base strength.

What we will do:

* examine the effects of acids and bases on several chemical pH indicators

* determine the pH of several common household materials

* use the knowledge gained to determine the composition of unknown clear solutions.

Kit Includes:
1 Deionized water, 25ml
1 Dilute acid (0.1M HCl), 25ml
1 Dilute base (0.1M NaOH), 25ml
1 0.5% litmus, 25ml
1 0.02% methyl red, 25ml
1 0.5% bromothymol blue, 25ml
1 1.0% phenolphthalein, 25ml
1 Vinegar, 25ml
1 Household ammonia, 25ml
1 Soap solution, 25ml
1 Filtered water, 25ml
1 Vitamin C solution, 25ml
2 Wide-range pH test strips, pkg/50
1 Unknown solution #1, 25ml (Water)
1 Unknown solution #2, 25ml (Dilute base) UN1824
1 Unknown solution #3, 25ml (Phenolphthalein) UN1219
1 Unknown solution #4, 25ml (Dilute Acid)
15 Reaction trays

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