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Immune sys: Vaccines and herd immunity


Herd immunity


Do vaccines work?


Don’t let scary-sounding words make you have bad decisions. Many chemicals with “scary” names are not only safe – they are essential, and you would die without them.


Tiny, harmless amounts of various heavy metals exist naturally in the earth, and are taken up by all plants, including all of our fruits, grains and vegetables. So tiny, harmless amounts of various heavy metals are in our blood – and in human breast milk.  Would one starve a baby, refusing to give it milk or baby food, due to the presence of tiny amounts of these metals? Of course not. So why refuse to vaccinate a baby, when a vaccine contains even less such material than what they already naturally and harmlessly consume?


Don’t let emotions overwhelm logic


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Vaccine meme No-child

Some people against vaccines claim that since vaccines cost a small amount of money, one is supporting “big pharma” (phramaceutical industry). Therefore, they claim, one must not vaccinate their children.

Problem? In reality, children who are not vaccinated become very sick, and require hugely expensive bills, to treat them, if they even live. The reality is the opposite of the conspiracy theory.


Elements are not compounds thimerosal

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