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Alternative periodic tables

A 32 column form shows the f-block elements into their natural position.
It is only avoided by textbook editors on account of its long rectangular ratio, which makes it hard to read on a regular shape book page.

Theodor Benfey’s spiral periodic table


Honest Element Categories: Funny because it’s true

Astronomer’s Periodic Table

Funny, because it’s true! (Well, read on …)

In astronomy and physical cosmology, the metallicity or Z is the fraction of mass of a star or other kind of astronomical object that is not in hydrogen or helium. Most matter in the universe is in the form of hydrogen and helium, so astronomers use the word “metals” as a convenient short term for “all elements except hydrogen and helium”. Reason: in the high-temperature/pressure environment of a star, atoms do not undergo chemical reactions, and so effectively have no chemical properties. Stars and nebulae with relatively high abundances of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and neon are called “metal-rich” in astrophysical terms.
– adapted from Wikipedia, Metallicity



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