This a political map of the continent of Africa

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Africa is way bigger than you think

The continent of Africa is splitting

Figure 4. A view taken from Da'Ure's (Dabbahu's) new pumice dome looking S down the fissure vent on 16 October 2005, with people for scale. Part of the outer flank of Dabbahu is visible on the right side of the photo; Dabbahu's central area lies farther to the right off the margin of the photo. Courtesy of Anthony Philpotts

A view from Da’Ure’s (Dabbahu’s) new pumice dome looking down the fissure vent on 16 October 2005. Part of the outer flank of Dabbahu is visible on the right side. Dabbahu’s central area lies farther to the right. Photo by Anthony Philpotts

Baringo scarps, Kenya, Africa

This image shows several fault scarps that are progressively farther away. Essentially we are looking at the edges of several horst blocks from within a graben that contains Lake Baringo. Image by Alex Guth

Rift Baringo scarps Kenya

Photo by Alex Guth

East Africa showing some of the historically active volcanoes (as red triangles) and the Afar Triangle (shaded at the center), which is a so-called triple junction – where three plates are pulling away from one another: the Arabian Plate and two parts of the African Plate—the Nubian and Somali—splitting along the East African Rift Zone.
{Wikipedia, East African Rift, 2015}

This map clearly shows us the region’s geography.

Colored Digital Elevation Model. NASA Image.

Colored Digital Elevation Model. NASA Image.

“The formation of an ocean starts with a rifting process in the crust as a result of mantle convection. A valley forms like the African Rift Valley being a recent example. In the next stage, the valley has opened up until sea water enters; a good example is the Red Sea. The spreading process continues, the ocean becomes wider and forms a mature ocean like the Atlantic.”

Update Apri 2018:

“After heavy rains and seismic activities on Monday, the earth has split open at Kenya’s Rift Valley leaving a huge tear that is more than 50 feet deep and more than 50 feet wide weaving through the arable land in Narok County.”

Kenya_s Daily Nation Rift Rifting Valley

Screenshot from Suswa Rift: Kenya is splitting, Daily Nation (Kenya newspaper)

A related process is the formation of a graben.

A graben is a depressed block of the Earth’s crust bordered by parallel faults.

Graben and rift formation



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