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How elections are impacted by a 100 million year old coastline

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Japanese volcanic island grows to 11 times its original size – and ain’t stopping.

Japanese island Nishinoshima has grown to 11 times its original size due to the volcanic eruption started in 2013. A recent observation has shown that the volcano goes on erupting ever since and a new increase of the island’s area is expected. The actual size of the island is 1.95 km from east to west and 1.8 km from north to south, its area is 2.46 square kilometers, but the scientists say there is still plenty of magma to erupt….

The island is located 1,000 km south of Tokyo in the Ogawasara islands chain, also known as the Bonin Islands. The volcanic explosion that happened on November 20, 2013, formed a new piece of land to the southeast of Nishinoshima, made of cooling magma. The eruption continued unabated and increased the size of the island, with scientists predicting it would link up to the Nishinoshima island. On December 26, 2013, the Japanese Coast Guard confirmed that the two islands had in fact joined up. The authorities said they would not give the combined island a name until it became stable.




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