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Moisture Clouds and Precipitation

Content objective:

What are we learning and why are we learning this? Content, procedures, or skills.

Vocabulary objective

Tier II: High frequency words used across content areas. Key to understanding directions & relationships, and for making inferences.

Tier III: Low frequency, domain specific terms.

Building on what we already know

Make connections to prior knowledge. This is where we build from.

From Earth Science, Tarmuck and Lutgens

Entire chapter as a PDF file:

Tarbuck Earth Sci Chap 18 Moisture, Clouds and Precipitation Publisher Power Point (google)

Moisture Clouds and Precipitation

Chapter 18. Moisture, Clouds and Precipitation

changes of state

Changes of state heat absorbed or released Tarbuck Lutgens
relative humidity varies with temperature
sling psychrometer
air compression Cloud formation by adiabatic cooling

clouds Orographic lifting and frontal wedging Rainshadow desert airflow

Convergence and Localized convective lifting Cloud formation
Types of clouds

Click image to embiggen!

Great photos here: http://www.geogrify.net/GEO1/Lectures/Weather/Cloud.html

types of clouds middle school poster

The Bergeron process

Some description here: http://snowbrains.com/snowflake-forms-2-simple-steps/


One of the largest hailstones ever. 194 pounds. 8.0 inch diameter.
7/23/2010, Vivian, South Dakota.”

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research







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