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Homework (physics)

Readings and Homework

Chapter 14 Waves

Assigned 2/27: Lab report waves/sound: You must follow our Lab report format!
Diagrams (show how the rope is connected to a chair – and carefully draw standing waves – 1st, 2nd and 3rd harmonics)

Data analysis (calculations) section: Give two examples of the musical notes you analyzed, and the frequencies you measured. Assuming that the speed of sound in air is 343 meters/second, calculate the wavelength of two different musical notes. Start with the correct equation, solve for the variable that you need, and plug in numbers only in the last step.

Data table
Tuning fork 1      freq   sound intensity (loudness)
Tuning fork 2     freq    sound intensity (loudness)
Singing glass 1   freq    sound intensity (loudness)
Singing glass 2  freq    sound intensity (loudness)

Systematic error: make sure to briefly include this section.

Conclusion: Your observations help you relate to what we learn about waves. You show this by answering these questions:

(1) How many wavelengths is in the 1st harmonic? In the 2nd, 3rd and 4th?

(2) What is a general formula that relates wavelengths to harmonics?

(3) In complete sentences, clearly write what you learned about the tuning fork’s sound intensity, tone, and wave shape.

(4) In complete sentences, clearly write what you learned about the instrument’s sound intensity, tone, and wave shape.

2/13: Read Glencoe Physics, Chapter 14 Vibrations and Waves, Section 2, Wave properties. Study the example problem on age 392 (Characteristics of a wave) Following this exact format, do practice problems #15-20, and #25

3/1: Read Glencoe Physics, Chapter 14 Vibrations and Waves, Section 3.
Do Chap 14 assessment questions #52, 57, 60, 62, 66, 72, 78, 84


Chapter 16 Fundamentals of Light.

3/9/17: Read Chap 16, p.438-440, & 448-450. Define all the vocabulary terms, in your notebook.

3/13 Assessment questions. p.458-460.  #44, 45, 51, 65, 67, 81
CPO Skill Sheet 17.1A The law of reflection (2 pages)


Chapter 17 Reflection and Mirrors.

3/23/17: Homework: Read Chap. 17 Reflection and Mirrors. |
Section 1, p.464-470. Section 2, 471-476
Do #23, p.481, #23.
Be able to explain these terms

Law of reflection. Specular & Diffuse reflection.
Plane mirror. Object. Real & Virtual image.
Converging and diverging rays.
Concave and convex mirrors.
Concave and convex lenses.
Principal axis. Focal point. Focal length.
Spherical aberration.

3/27 Do questions p.484. #33, 35, 36, 38, 42 (use a ruler!),
and #47, 48 (p.474), #70 (p.466)


Chapter 18: Refraction and lenses

Read Section 1, pages 492, 497, 498-499.
Read Section 2, pages 500-503, 506.
Read Section 3, pages 508-512.
Do p.507 # 21, 22,25, 28.
Do p.511, #33, 34, 36
Do. p.516 #80, #82 – Hint: light refracts! Hint: We normally can’t see all the way
across the ocean because the Earth’s surface is curved.
Hint: Check out the ‘Light’ articles on our website.


Chapter 19


Chapter 20


Chapter 21


Chapter 22


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