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Momentum AP

Chapter 7: Linear Momentum

  • 7.1: Momentum and Its Relation to Force

  • 7.2: Conservation of Momentum (8)

  • 7.3: Collisions and Impulse (6)

  • 7.4: Conservation of Energy and Momentum in Collisions

  • 7.5: Elastic Collisions in One Dimension (6)

  • 7.6: Inelastic Collisions (5)

  • 7.7: Collisions in Two Dimensions (2)

  • 7.8: Center of Mass (CM) (4)

  • 7.9: CM for the Human Body

  • 7.10: CM and Translational Motion (1)

PowerPoint: Momentum Giancoli Chap 7

Learning Standards 

2016 Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework

HS-PS2-2. Use mathematical representations to show that the total momentum of a system of interacting objects is conserved when there is no net force on the system. Emphasis is on the qualitative meaning of the conservation of momentum and the quantitative understanding of the conservation of linear momentum in interactions involving elastic and inelastic collisions between two objects in one
HS-PS2-3. Apply scientific principles of motion and momentum to design, evaluate, and refine a device that minimizes the force on a macroscopic object during a collision. Clarification Statement: Both qualitative evaluations and algebraic manipulations may be used.


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