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Visualizing the Scientific Method


Let’s see how the scientific method is used in practice!


1. What is the myth?

2. Why would so many people believe that this myth is true?

3. What are the testable predictions they make ?

4. How do they test the predictions? (Be specific)

5. Evaluation of the results? Did their results confirm or refute their initial hypothesis?

“Confirm” means that their ideas were found to be correct. “Refute” means that their ideas were found to be wrong.

6. Did they need to form a new hypothesis? If so, please describe.

7. How does peer review enter into this? Scientists release details to their peers: fellow scientists, so they can check their work. Why would they do this?


What kind of mistakes in their assumptions could they have made?

What kind of mistakes in setting up their equipment could they have made?

How might they have misinterpreted their data?



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