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DNA replication

Content objective:

What are we learning and why are we learning this? Content, procedures, or skills.

Vocabulary objective

Tier II: High frequency words used across content areas. Key to understanding directions & relationships, and for making inferences.

Tier III: Low frequency, domain specific terms.

Building on what we already know

Make connections to prior knowledge. This is where we build from.


Here we learn how cells make a copy of their DNA

Conservation of the genetic code

When cells make copies of their DNA, the copying is almost exact.

However, a small number of mistakes may occur. We call this a mutation.

Why is DNA double-stranded?

Isn’t that a waste to have a gene written twice?

It It Would Would Like Like Be Be Writing Writing Each Each Word Word Twice Twice

Cells do this because it allows copies to be made exactly & quickly.

Basic idea


Step-by-step details

DNA replication

Looking at the base pairing, up close



This process is mind-bogglingly fast.  This video shows the amazing speed at which this takes place:

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